Members of our LeClairRyan Community Association Industry Team have arrived at the 2nd Annual Virginia Leadership Retreat being hosted by the Community Associations Institute at The Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia this weekend. Approximately 120 CAI members and their guests from around the state gathered this evening for the welcome reception. Pictured below are members of our Community Association Industry Team. From left to right: Lori Schweller, Pam Faber, Will Sleeth, Megan Scanlon, Dan Quarles, and Elizabeth White, our team leader.



Pictured above are our CAI Team members with family member guests. Pictured, left to right: John Faber, Rachel Sleeth, Will Sleeth, Lori Schweller, Pam Faber, Valerie McDonald, Megan Scanlon, Dan Quarles, Jennifer Quarles, Elizabeth White, and Dean Short.